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Meet Eric​



I'm a dental ceramist and my job is to make you look good. I have been making dental ceramic restorations since 1986 and I love my job. During that time I have spent countless hours studying the nuances of how to use a man-made material to mimic nature’s beauty. A beautiful smile transcends all human boundaries. The smile is truth and it’s the light of the soul. When I am asked to design a new smile for a patient, I am keenly aware that this is a scary but exciting time for the patient. The patient should always be pleased, but never be surprised with their new smile. If you cannot discuss your desires and concerns with the ceramist, your final result often is a surprise, but not in a good way! To achieve World Class results, there must be open communication between the dentist, the ceramist, and the patient. The dictum, “form follows function” was stated by the American architect Louis Sullivan. Not only does your new smile need to have world-class esthetics, each individual porcelain restoration must be shaped or formed to function properly for a long lasting beautiful smile. After many years of experience in dental ceramics, I have come to understand that achieving the World’s most beautiful smiles requires the eyes, hands, and heart of an artist. Eric Newell CDT BDT AAACD

  • A.A.A.C.D. (Accredited American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

Mr. Newell has earned accredited status in the AACD - an accomplishment completed by only 405 dental professionals in the history of the association, which spans 80 countries, showcasing his commitment to excellence in the dental profession. Of the 405 dental professionals, only 50 are dental ceramists. He reached this achievement after completing a rigorous credentialing process including written examination, the submission of clinical cases for examination and oral examination. 

Eric earned his certified dental technician status in ceramics in 1993. Eric specializes in cosmetic smile design, implantology, and full-mouth restorations.

  • C.D.T. (Certified Dental Technician)

  • B.D.T. (Bioesthetic Dental Technician)

"Bioesthetic Dentistry is a process that includes comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning in order to obtain a healthy, highly functional, unworn chewing system that provides natural beauty (known as optimal biologic form)."

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